• Making it as an Indie Author – My Thoughts

    Posted on June 27, 2012 by IngridRicks in Articles.

    Author Marketing Guru and Writer Laura Pepper Wu recently asked me to share my thoughts regarding my journey as an indie author–including my ongoing marketing strategies and the advice I have for others who are considering taking the indie author plunge. Okay…so I had never done a SKYPE video interview and didn’t know where to look. But if you ignore that, I think the information can be really helpful for writers wanting to make it as an author.

    For a text overview of my interview with Laura, or access to other great indie author interviews and author marketing resources that Laura offers, click here.

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  1. Julie Long says:

    Ingrid, WOW. This interview is insightful, encouraging and tremendously helpful to me as I teeter (waffle) on indie authorship. Thank you for sharing your story. I am grateful for those people who walk the journey ahead of me who are kind enough to turn and wave and show me the path.

    My posted-where-I-can-see-it quote has been: “Discipline is remembering what you want.” Joining it now will be your father’s quote: “You never know what you can accomplish as long as you keep on going; As soon as you quit, you have your answer.” Priceless!

  2. IngridRicks says:

    Thanks, Julie. Im so glad it helps. It’s such a new unknown world out there…but the opportunities are amazing for indie authors right now.

  3. Mary Yuhas says:

    Inspiring! It’s taken me ten years too. And I agree, once the book is written, the work begins. Great interview!

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